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Cat's House (Felicia Hardy)

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Welcome to Cat's House, here you'll find all your needs for Felicia Hardy a.k.a The Black Cat. Please after you browse through my site, take the time to sign my guestbook. I went through quite a bit to get this site up and running.

Thanks fellow Black Cat fans! =)

- 11/06/06 - Yet again, 1 new wallpaper has been added to the "Gallery" section. Enjoy.

- 08/30/06 - 1 brand new wallpaper added in the "Gallery" section.

- 08/26/06 - "News/Rumor" section updated.

- 08/26/06 - Added new comic covers in "Gallery" section"Heroes For Hire"

- 08/26/06 - New section added in the navigation, "Peronsal Thoughs/Rants"

- 08/25/06 - The Evil That Men Do Pictures are up in the "Gallery" Section

(I will be updating this site regularly and all updates will be at the top.)