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My Personal Thoughs/Rants
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I've made the following section to express my thoughts and opinions on everything related to Black Cat. Things such as why i made this site, also why things could have worked out between Felicia and Peter and more lots of other random articles/rants to come soon!

Reasoning for making this site:

People looking at this site are probably wondering why i would make a site on The Black Cat. I'll start off by saying i'm a big Black Cat fan. Mind you i didn't become a big fan until a couple years ago. I remember watching the 1990's Spider Man: The New Animated Series on Fox. I've always been a fan of Spider Man (mind you he wasn't my first super hero i liked, it was Batman, but i slowly grew out of Batman as i got older and began to like Spider Man more). I prefer Spider Man over any other super hero because he's different from all the others. He's not fully an adult yet, and he's trying to live a normal life and just get through life just like what us everyday people do, so in a way, almost everyone can relate to Spider Man in that way! As i watched Spider Man: The New Animated Series, there was one episode that caught my eye the most and this was Epsiode #2, the first appearence of the Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. There was something about her that stood out over Mary Jane and i think she seemed to be the one more then MJ. Over time i grew to like Felicia more then MJ. If i were the writer's of Spider Man, i would have made Felicia and Spidey a couple rather, i think they would have been a great couple too! Rather then Spidey and MJ.

Now that i've explained my first second reason is, lately i've noticed there the current Black Cat sites that are up, haven't been updated for at least a couple years. Slightly dissapointed, i knew to expect no information from those sites. I decided, why not make a Black Cat site of my own? There has to be other fans out there that would appreciate me doing this. Plus it'll keep my favorite super-heroine alive!

My last reason is because, to be honest, i don't think Cat get's the amount of praise and respect she deserves. Now that Peter is married to MJ, Felicia just sits on the sidelines and isn't involved with many stories with Spider Man anymore that include Felicia. 

I was glad when i found out Kevin Smith was making a new limited series featuring the Black Cat. I was excited after the first issue came out, i found it to be very well done. However, as it went on, the plot/story went downhill.

I'm hoping sooner or later, Cat will get her own personal comic issues rather then appearing with Spider Man.

How things could have worked out between Felicia and Peter:

This is going to be pretty long but from the beginning of their relationship, it was doomed to fall apart. Peter never had a relationship as Spider Man but only as Peter Parker and now it was Peter Parker getting in the way between them. The whole problem was Black Cat didn't love Peter Parker, but only Spider Man. When he had revealed his face to her she was in shock, and mostly dissapointed. The major issue here was time. There wasn't enough of it, and frankly if Peter wasn't in such a rush, i bet you anything it would be Felicia and Spidey togther. Not to be a hater but the relationship didn't work because of Peter. If he had only given it a chance to sink into Felicia, they could have been a couple. All Felicia needed was time to eventually fall in love with who he really is, even in the comics she admitted later on she loved him for who he really is.

The most important thing is Felicia knows Spider Man has the responsibilty to do what he does (fight crime). Instead of always taking off (like how Peter does to MJ 99% of the time), Cat could join him in fighting crime.

Next thing is, Felicia is able to hold her own in a fight. Something MJ can't do, she ends up getting kidnapped and Spidey has to track her down. If someone even tried kidnapping Cat....well, i'd wish them luck for trying. =)

I know there are some people out there that might be reading this and saying MJ is still the one for Peter and Felicia and Peter's relationship could never work out. If you didn't notice, as time went on Felicia fell in love with also Peter Parker not just Spider Man. Even in most appearences, it still shows Cat still has feelings for him. Sometimes you'll notice Peter still also has feelings for her, being fond of the good memories they had when they were together.

Also, if the marriage between MJ and Peter don't work out...Felicia is still waiting for Peter. (Don't blame me for hoping. =P )